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How To: View Connection Status

Hover your mouse pointer above the "Online" status label on the status bar. A tooltip appears providing details about the currently active connection as shown below.

What information does this tooltip provide?

  • Connected to: This displays the IP address of the device to which this connection has been made.
  • Connected Duration: The duration in terms of total hours, minutes and seconds for which this connection is active.
  • Last Connected At: The time at which this connection was made to the device.
  • Last Disconnected At: The time at which the previous connection to the device was dropped.
  • Tips:
    The Connected Duration, Last Connected and Last Disconnected information elements can be used to know if a connection was dropped in the midst of a long term test on your device as well as the duration for which the connection was down.
    The event log provides a lot more information about connection related events over a period of time. The connection details tooltip must be used as a quick reference to know the connection quality while the event log must be used for detailed analysis.

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