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Installing the Modbus Protocol Tester

Note(MPT trial): Please do not uninstall and re-install the trial version of Modbus Protocol Tester on the same machine. By doing this our protection algorithm detects as a suspect installation and this will further block you from using a Modbus Protocol Tester.

The download and installation should only take a few minutes using a DSL type Internet connection.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

Install this program in your computerís Program Files folder when prompted.

Please ensure that you have the following environment:-

Operating System Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10
Network Interface Card Wired or Wireless
.NET Framework Version 4.0 or higher

Watch out for:-

1. .NET Framework - If your computer does not already have this software, you will be prompted to download this from the web. Allow 20 minutes for this.
2. Save the file to your disk, and then extract the zip file and run the program (SetupMPT.msi). Alternatively, upgrade your Microsoft Windows Installer to the latest version.
3. If your Firewall is enabled you will be unable to connect a Modbus TCP device. Disable the firewall or include Modbus port no. 502 in the Firewall Exceptions List.
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